Is it safe to drink the tap water? Depends where it comes from…….

Drinking Water

Mains Water

The drinking water in Fethiye is of good quality. The water is hard and does carry lime scale. However, the lime scale is very loose and is easily removed from kettles. If you use a kettle with a lime filter your tea will be clear of crunchy bits! The Editor has found no problems with drinking the tap water in Fethiye. However, if you are sensitive to changes in water and/or only visiting for a short time it may be best for you to buy bottled water to save any upset to your system – it’s very cheap.

Other Tap Water

If you have no mains water supply and your water is delivered by tanker it is recommended that you either boil your water, filter or buy in purified water for drinking, cooking and cleaning teeth. Purified drinking water is easily available in containers of various sizes and can be delivered by the same companies that bring your gas bottles. You can find out the latest prices by looking at our cost of living section.

Well Water

Unless regularly scientifically tested for cleanliness you should either buy a three stage water filter or buy in all of your water.