The Turkish capital is imposing stringent water bans. Will we be next?


The Turkish capital Ankara has just introduced restrictions on the use of water following an exceptionally dry winter and severely depleted reservoir water levels. The bans that have just been introduced forbid the washing of cars by residents and will only allow the washing of cars by garages if the water has been transported into Ankara by tanker. The measures will also ban the washing of private household carpets, require all gardens to be watered via well water and restrict the sinking of new wells. These measures will be a big shock to many residents who have never had to worry about the use of water given the usual abundant supply. But, as the winters become drier and the population grows, the supply has shrunk.

But what about Fethiye? Could a similar ban be imposed here? Doesn’t it have abundant supplies of water? Well yes and no. Fethiye relies on its water supplies from the snow and rain that falls on the surrounding mountains. This water seeps into the water table and is then drawn up via wells to water gardens and to provide drinking water. However, like last year the precipitation this year has again been much lower than normal and this is bound to affect the water table. This is leading many locals to be concerned that there may be a severe shortage of water this summer which could impact on agriculture and tourism alike. With a water ban being imposed in Ankara local authorities will be watching their water levels carefully.