If you are tired of dead heading, watering every single day and weeding instead of sitting on your veranda and having a cup of tea enjoying your garden, then you might be interested in this useful advice from resident Fethiye Times gardener Melis Durman.

Most of us want to see our gardens green and colourful.

But to maintain a traditional garden and lawn in Fethiye is not very easy especially in the middle of summer when temperatures regularly go over 35 C.

So what can you do to make life that bit easier?

Here are some ideas:

Instead of a big lawn you can have white, gray or other coloured chippings. Add a liner underneath and that will keeps the weeds at bay for some time.

If you don’t like the idea of stones then you can opt for decking or maybe crazy paving.

What plants to choose

Evergreen, flowering plants, grasses, herbs and those used to arid conditions are usually easy to maintain.

Screening; Pittosporums, Oleanders, Viburnums, Photinias are evergreen easy to maintain and work well as screening plants.

They do not require much watering and no dead heading either.

Grasses; Festuca Glauca, Carex, Cortaderia and Pennisetums are also suitable for low maintenance gardens.

You just water them regularly and no dead heading or pruning is necessary.

They all have a pleasing foliage, especially the red Pennisetums, and will give a really nice contrast effect to stone chippings..

Arid plants ; All Cacti and succulents are suitable for your low maintenance garden.

Agaves, Aloe Vera family, Echeverias, Opuntias, Echinocactus are just some of the varieties to choose. You don’t even need to water them so even if you go away for a month in summer when you come back home you can find them alive and healthy.

Flowering shrubs; Hibiscus, Solanums, Euryops, Durantas are flowering small shrubs.

And Don’t Forget Pot Plants

For the spring and summer season there are a lot of choices of pot plants. Most of them are not very easy to maintain but I can recommend some options for full sun and half shade.

Full sun; Pelargoniums, Petunias, Geraniums, Osteospermums do well in full sun.

Half shade; Daisies, Verbenas, Dahlias.

More Information and Help

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