Fethiye Times reader Olive Hayfield took her olive harvest to the local olive press in Dalaman and here is her story in pictures.

Ever wondered how those bitter little olives turn into such lovely, versatile oil? Read on as Olive takes us through the process at her local olive press.

One of my olive trees.

Off to the olive press. See the white bags of olives waiting to be pressed.

Some other guys who brought their large harvests for pressing.

The olives start their journey. The hopper controls the flow into the press. Pour in a bag and wait.

Up, up and away. Controlling the flow into the press.

Our friendly operator overseeing the washing and sorting part of the process.

And out comes oil!

First press extra virgin!

And here is Olive standing by her oil. Her small batch cost 5TL to process.

You can often see locally produced olive oil in the farmers markets such as in Fethiye. The oil is often sold in plastic drinks bottles such as old coke and 5 litre water bottles. It is sold for a fraction of the price you would find it for sale in the UK too!