The November meeting of the gardening club was held at the Çalış Crown Green Bowling Club and, if you have not yet seen the Club’s Green, make sure you go and take a look – it is impressive.

What’s more exactly one year ago dedicated members were picking stones from what was then a 140m. square of soil – and stones.

The first grass seed was sown in February this year and now, a mere nine months later, they have a bowling green.

Clearly, if you want a lawn, you should follow their methods. In fact one of the trio responsible for the green maintenance, assured us that he has a lawn that is the envy of all his neighbours.

But it doesn’t come easy. Following removal of stones the ground had to be ploughed several times, then rolled and then grass seed sowing began.

They had advice from a professor involved in the creation of golf courses in Belek, and used a mix of three types of grass seed initially, followed by sowing Bermuda grass (which can stand the summer heat) then another sowing of imported seed in September, when temperatures cooled and the Bermuda started to die back.

If you want to know more about the seeding and maintenance you can e-mail Rob on

Thanks to Rob for offering his help – and saving me the job of noting Latin names for grass seed.

They have also planted a floral border along one side of the green and the Club is thriving with regular competitive matches being played by members.

Members of the Garden Club took up the bowlers’ generous offer of a ‘free go’.

If you want to visit the club directions are shown below in pink on the map (AMBAR is the name of the cafe in front).