The meeting was held at Steve and Chris Bohane’s garden in Kaya on a gloriously sunny day. 

The garden is on the side of the hill facing the ‘ghost village’ across the valley and they have made good use of terracing. 

One large terrace wraps around the main floor of the house and is effectively an outdoor living space for much of the year (shown in photo) whilst an equal space one flight down houses the swimming pool.

At the side of the main terrace they have divided the slope into four small terraced beds which are only three years old but already filling with colour. 

They will look superb in a few more years when plants start to spill over down the slope.

And at the top of these beds there is a small tranquillity garden featuring natural objects alongside a Buddha. 

They also have a thriving vegetable plot and make good use of containers to add colour to all the stonework.

As ever the refreshments were excellent and Steve had devised a quiz which kept members’ guessing as they tried to work out clues posted around the garden.

Next month’s meeting is in Yaniklar and we’ll post details shortly.