The Garden Cub kicked off their first meeting of the year in Çalış, with a hands on pruning event.

The event took place as usual, on the first Wednesday of the month, this time at Maurice and Janet Evans’ home in Çalış where more than twenty members were invited to hone their citrus pruning skills on the Evans’ large and bountiful orchard.

Not only is the orchard large but they also produce some enormous fruit as can be seen from the photo of Janet holding a gigantic lemon.

The Club last met at this orchard two years ago when the couple had not been living there for too long and many of the trees were sadly neglected. 

The Garden Club had invited local expert, Devrim from the Chamber of Agriculture, who kindly came along and held a pruning workshop. 

It was good to see how well the trees looked two years on with regular pruning, and the citrus pruning methodology was passed on to a whole new set of Club members.

We’ll be announcing details of February’s meeting to be held in Üzümlü shortly – so watch this space if you’d like to come along to the next meeting of the Garden Club.