October 6th 2010 was a fabulous sunny, summery day at Graham and Pauline’s garden in Üzümlü. This was where we had the October meeting of the Fethiye Times’ Garden Club.

17 people met for the event, plus two of Graham and Pauline’s friends who helped to serve us our absolutely fabulous spread, which must have taken Pauline hours to prepare.

Stuart particularly liked the peach crumble but equal admiration went to the rhubarb (home grown) crumble, tarts, sponge cakes, rock cakes…. in short, the spread was fantastic and if you missed the event you missed a real treat.

The garden has been a three year labour of love and began life as a building site.

There were pictures showing how things began, including the planning of the vegetable patches and herb garden, fruit orchard, rose garden, as well as decorative, geometrically shaped borders.

Credit must go to them for the effort and hard work which has so obviously gone into seeing the planning stages, through to the wonderful garden we saw.

Graham and Pauline guided us around, telling us about successes and the odd problem plants.

We also were given seeds from some of the plants we admired.

As a bonus, John Watson from Çalış gave us an illustrated talk on the palm-eating beetle which has destroyed one of his established palms.

He had prepared a Power-Point presentation but the sun was too bright for this to be seen, and this will be delivered at a later event.

As we all know, at this time of the year there is much to do in the garden, so happy gardening and catch you all at the next Garden Club meeting on November 3rd. Details will be announced in second half of October.

With many thanks to David Groom and Stuart James for the report and photos