The Gardening Club celebrated its 5th birthday on 1st September with a Car Teasure Hunt kindly organised by Fiona and Eric Robson.

Twenty people comprised six teams and the first half of the Hunt took us from the Cadianda 2 restaurant down in Üzümlü itself out via Kızıbel to the Kırkpınar Restaurant off the Denizli road.

There we ate lunch (tandır lamb of course) and then were sent off at 5-minute intervals to complete the second half of the Hunt.

This time we passed through Arpacık and Incirköy before returning to our starting point.

Once back at Cadianda 2 everyone was happy to relax in the sunshine, while Fi and Eric totted up the scores.

The winning team was Pat Temiz and Chris Robinson who received a very nice bottle of Clos Pınara.

And Fi and Eric also got a bottle of wine as thanks for all their hard work in setting up the Hunt.

The next meeting is on 6th October and we’ll be posting details about that one within the next two weeks.