In this article we introduce you to a plant we have been trying for years to raise at the Palm Centre, a highly decorative plant which resembles a palm: Curculigo capitulata or Molineria capitulata, commonly known as Palm Grass.

It is not to be confused with Palm-leafed Grass, seteria palmefolia, which we shall write about in a separate article in the future.

There are around 20 types of Curculigo which grow naturally in tropical and sub-tropical regions. They are long-lived plants, growing from rhizomes without any main stem or trunk.

Palm Grass : Curculigo Capitulata (Molineria capitulate)

With leaves that can reach 100cm in length this plant grows from a rhizome and lives for many years. It hails from Indonesia, tropical Asia and Australia. Despite its tropical origins, it can be grown outside and will withstand light frosts. Even if such a frost results in it losing its leaves, the rhizome is protected in the soil and, as soon as the weather warms up, the plant will start to grow again.

Its leaves are thin, long and lance-shaped some 2-6cm wide and up to 100cm long. The leaves resemble those of young palms, in particular those of young specimens of the Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffianum). The dark green leaves feature noticeable long, straight stripes and sparse hairs.

The plant does not have a trunk, the leaves grow straight out from the ground. Flowers on very short stems are also produced at the base of the plant, and sometimes are almost completely hidden by the leaves. The flowers are star shaped, yellow and open in the summer months.

Over time the rhizomes of the Palm Grass will multiply and propagation is either by separation of these rhizomes or from seed.

In the wild Curculigo capitulata is one of the plants that grows on the floor of the rain forest, preferring partial shade, humus-rich soil and a damp atmosphere. In landscape terms in the milder areas of our region, it will grow in shade as an edging plant for paths, or under trees and can even be used to create a feature group. It is also useful as a container plant for indoor or outdoor use.

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