On Wednesday 3rd February the monthly meeting of the FT Gardening Club took place at the Meğri Bar in Çalis.



This month’s attraction was an illustrated talk about garden design and planting.

The guest speaker was Melis from Melissa Garden Design and nursery centre in Fethiye.

She talked us through some of the projects she had done in our area, from initial consultations and wish-lists through to the final completion.

Many of the 25 members present commented how informative the talk was as we could not only hear the design process but see how this became reality through the comprehensive illustrations.

Melis covered preparatory ground work; planting to achieve year round interest or bursts of colour and design basics.

Answering questions rounded off her time with us, particularly questions about which plants will cope with the cooler ex-pat settlements.

Melis finished by offering club members 10% off plants in her nursery this month.

Informative, social and a bargain to go home with, what more could you ask for from a sunny winter’s afternoon!