The meeting took place at Joan’s in Ovacik and showed what a garden can look like when it passes the ten-year mark.

In fact this is the most mature ex-pat owned garden the Club has ever visited, and it gave everyone hope!

Joan started out, as have so many members, with a totally blank canvas and over the years has made a beautiful, colourful garden with something for all seasons.

Latterly she has been creating raised beds to make weeding and planting easier as the years advance.

In the picture above you can just see one such long raised stone bed on the right, which she fills with summer bedding.

And the hedge on the left was her very first job: 100 trees planted along both sides of the garden at a cost of 1TL per tree – times have changed.

However, Joan is prepared to wait for things to happen so generally only buys one or two plants when they can later be split and spread around.

You can see the strap-like leaves of Amaryllis above – started with one bulb several years ago and split each year after flowering.

And sharp-eyed gardeners who see Dahlias in the same picture should know that the corms came out from England.

As well as a delightful garden we were served excellent home-made cakes, jam/lemon curd tarts and shortbread – what more could you ask for?

Finally a big thank you to Joan for hosting the meeting, and producing all the delicious baked goods.