The meeting took place on Wednesday 14th February at the University in Taşyaka.

The meeting took place on Wednesday 14th February at the University in Taşyaka.  This is a satellite of Muğla University which, amongst other subjects, teaches Horticulture and Landscape Design in a small, but growing, department.  Some 23 members took part, initially in the conference room in a question and answer session, where some of the questions posed at last month’s meeting where finally answered. There were so many questions about fruit trees that it was decided to hold a slide show on this subject in September and, hopefully, cover all the issues that face us British gardeners used to apples and pears, who now find ourselves in charge of citrus.

Five members then volunteered their gardens/land for student landscaping projects: one in Patlangıc, two in ơlış, one in Ovacık and one in Üzümlü.  It is hoped to hold initial site visits within the next few weeks and, eventually, we shall report on all projects on this website.

{mosimage}Finally we visited one of the department’s plastic tunnels outside where they grow house/decorative garden plants, and members were keen to buy.  They have other tunnels in which they produce cut flowers and vegetables, and students learn how to grow successfully under plastic.  The Department’s cut flowers and vegetables are on sale every Thursday at the Fethiye House on the harbour.

Fethiye Times would like to thank all the university staff who kindly welcomed us and gave of their time and expertise to ensure a very enjoyable, and fruitful, meeting.  We all look forward to developing this valuable relationship.