Ajania pacifica – Pacific chrysanthemum.

A long-lived member of the Astraceae family, originating from central and eastern Asia.   Grows to a height of 30 – 40cm forming a clump some 50 – 60cm wide.  Green leaves edged with a narrow band of silver place it in the variegated plant category.

It loves light and sun but will also thrive in dappled shade.  It prefers a slightly acidic soil and is problem-free in the right conditions.  Can withstand temperatures down to -20C.

In the autumn months, October and November, it has bright yellow flowers which are loved by butterflies, birds and bees.

In landscape design terms it looks good in the centre of a group of plants or as edging by a path.  It is also happy growing in containers and an attractive usage would be to line one side of a path or terrace with this plant in matching pots.  Also very useful in containers on balconies.

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