This month it’s the Pink-fruited banana – Musa velutina.

Pink-fruited banana – Musa velutina

For anyone wanting to grow bananas and living along the south coast of Turkey with only a small garden, we want to introduce you to a new variety.

Pink-fruited banana – Musa velutina :  is a dwarf variety of banana growing to around 120cm (around 4 feet).  It comes from Assam in the north east of India and the pink stems on the underside of the leaves are certainly eye-catching.  The flowers are somewhere between pink and orange in colour and the fruit will certainly catch people’s attention.  The fruit stays on the plant for months and is edible.

This banana is very hardy and said to withstand frost down to -6C.  The plant can be grown from seed or shoots split off from an existing specimen.  As with all bananas it likes well-drained soil rich in humus and is happy in full sun or dappled shade.

From a landscape design perspective this banana is ideal for small gardens.  In larger areas it could be planted as a lower row in front of taller plants.  As with all bananas it spreads quickly to make a thick clump.

This banana is also ideal for growing in a pot – you could even have it in a pot in the house.

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