We have two meetings this month. Read this article for more details.

On Wednesday 5 December we meet at 2pm at the Forum Bar/Shine Indian Restaurant in ơliş to watch a DVD about the Eden Project in Cornwall.  The entire film runs for well over two hours on two separate disks. So we shall watch the first one (95 minutes) at the December meeting and the second one at the January meeting after a brief AGM.  At the December meeting we shall also unveil the proposed programme for January – May 2008, so members can decide if they want to continue being members next year.

On Wednesday 19th December there will be a Christmas Gardening Quiz at Köşem Restaurant in Fethiye.  Prizes are two bottles of wine for the best two teams, maximum team size is four.  You can come and eat at the Restaurant before the quiz (their fish and chips are excellent) or just turn up for the Quiz which will start around 8.30pm.  We’ll be reminding you about the Quiz again in a couple of week’ time.

Hope to see lots of you next week for the first part of the film on the Eden Project.