Minutes of the AGM held 2nd January 2008.

Minutes of the AGM held 2nd January 2008 in the Forum Bar, Calis commencing at 2pm

Present:  See signing in list.

1. Confirmation of Officers

It was unanimously agreed that Suzanne McCulloch and Pat Temiz continue with their roles of Membership Secretary and Organiser respectively and that Stuart James fill the recently vacated role of Treasurer.

2. Annual Report 2007

The Report which had been circulated to all present was unanimously accepted as an accurate account of the Club’s activities in 2007.

3. Accounts 2007

As with the Report the Statement of Accounts was unanimously accepted.

4. Any other business

Pat appealed to members who may be visiting the UK to look out for DVD’s which would be of interest to the Club.  The Club would reimburse any cost – but not flights to and from UK.