Is actually scheduled for 26th March, a week early, because our hosts Brian and Doreen Lockyer are flying back to UK on 31st (big bargain on Easyjet).

Members who attended the talk on fruit trees at the University in September 2007 will recall that Ismail Ŧ#305;nar, the lecturer who speaks English, promised to give us a demonstration of grafting techniques in the spring – and that is what will happen at the next meeting.

So we hope to see lots of you at Brian and Doreen’s house in Üzümlü on Wednesday 26th at 2pm.  Directions to the house can be downloaded here. And if you are thinking ‘fruit tree grafting’ doesn’t sound very interesting bear this in mind.  In the garden of the apartment occupied by the downtown wing of Fethiye Times there is a citrus tree that produces both oranges and lemons – a simple grafting exercise, and a great conversation piece when friends come out from UK in citrus fruit season.