This month we’d like to introduce you to Eucomis also known as the Pineapple Flower plant.

This month we’d like to introduce you to Eucomis also known as the Pineapple Flower plant.  It is not widely known in Turkey and, as far as we are aware, can only be bought at the Palm Centre.  However, it is hardy, low maintenance, disease resistant and, with its striking flowers, will add colour and interest to any garden.


Eucomis are a group of 15 varieties of deciduous plants native to South Africa.  They grow from bulbs, are perennials and are very long-lived.  They produce flowers on a tall stem where tiny star-like flowers cover the length of the stem.  It is from this flower stem, and the shape of the leaves, that it gets its common name Pineapple Flower.

Eucomis will stand slight frost, loses its leaves in winter and does not need much water.  If these conditions don’t match your garden, then it can be potted up for the winter and taken indoors.

It can be grown from seed, or from bulbs split off from established plants.  It can also be propagated from leaf cuttings.  Bulbs should be planted 15cm below the surface.  Soil should be rich in humus and well draining.  It is happy in full sun or partial shade.

Eucomis autumnalis: has leaves up to 45cm in length and produces a very long stem studded with countless greenish-white flowers which open in summer or early autumn.  The bright green leaves have curly edges.

Eucomis comusus: grows to 70cm and has light green leaves with almost purple undersides.  The leaves have wavy edges and the 30cm flower stem has greenish-white flowers which may also have pink stains upon them.

Eucomis bicolour: has leaves 30 – 50cm long similar to those described above. It produces a brown flower stem with light green flowers whose petals have purple edges.

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