A report of the meeting held on Wednesday 3 December 2008.

The meeting comprised:

  • – a presentation of the proposed FTGC programme for January – May 2009 (we will post an article about that shortly);
  • – a review of two great books on Turkish flora (and that will be another article);
  • – mention of the other two Gardening Club events taking place in December (you guessed it, there will be a separate post about those too),
  • – and then we watched the first episode of Monty Don’s ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’ the BBC series shown earlier this year, which the Club has now acquired on DVD.

The first episode looked at gardens in Mexico and Cuba. 

There was agreement that we wouldn’t want to live with a pink-walled Louis Barragan garden but we wouldn’t mind a wall of tall straight cactus instead of a chain link fence. 

As for aiming for self-sufficiency by growing organic veg on every available plot of waste ground, as the population of Havana are doing, we think we’ll wait until we identify definite shortages in public markets here before we start ordering our seed.

But it was definitely an interesting hour and we are looking forward to the gardens of Australia and New Zealand which are featured in the next episode. 

More about that in the article on January’s meeting which will be posted shortly.