And finally for something completely different.



And finally for something completely different.


Anna and Ayhan in Incirköy have the largest garden in terms of size and a very different plan for their land from any of the other three owners.


Whilst still very much in its infancy, their garden is designed to mix British and Turkish garden styles, produce vegetables and fruit, be home to chickens and still provide colourful flower-planted areas, particularly around the house.

This writer’s 82-year-old house guest from the UK who visited all the gardens, and at home still tends an allotment, declared this one to be his favourites.

As can be seen all the familiar ingredients are in place: mature trees (great for shade) now planted at the base, terrace walls which will eventually brim over with trailing plants, and a place to sit and admire the whole over a meal.

Meanwhile the vegetable production is also underway and beyond the veg you can just catch a glimpse of the olive trees they have planted to ensure another crop.


Whilst the theory of mixing crops and flowers is definitely Turkish, Anna and Ayhan are taking a very non-Turkish organised approach to creating their dream, which certainly makes for an aesthetically pleasing experience.