As publicised last week, Camel wrestling came to Fethiye and we just had to go and check out the action.

 Firstly, apologies to any readers who tried to find the event following the directions in our previous article.  They were wrong. 

 If it’s any consolation we followed them, and wandered around a strangely deserted area of Karaçulha north of the Antalya road, before finally being directed to the right place.

On arrival we realised why the other part of town was deserted – everyone was at the Camel Wrestling. 

Camel Wrestling is a popular day out!

Thousands of people accommodated in a couple of grandstands, on top of lorries and tractors, even on the roofs of buildings overlooking the area where the event was being held. 

In British terms it was a Health & Safety nightmare. 

On several occasions two huge beasts locked in combat swayed into the crowd which panicked and ran every which way. 

One of these surges almost demolished a sausage stall! Maybe the disgruntled dromedary was looking for some poetic justice.

The end of the line for the camel

Still, as far as we could ascertain, no-one was injured and everyone seemed to be having a good time. 

Our previous article on camel wrestling which you can read here tells you what happens, so this time we went to find out more about the camels.

We talked to the man responsible for looking after two camels. 

He told us that one of them was from Iran in the foreground of our picture (his name is Ali), and his companion imported from Afghanistan. 

Ali is determined to catch the lady's eye

Most of the camels are imported and they have roughly ten years during which they wrestle from the age of around 9 to 20. 

After that they become sausage (you can buy the sausages at the event, but we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to do it..)

The wrestling season runs from 20 November to 20 March after which they happily graze away the summer, and then get into training in October. 

Ali is 16 so just about half way through his wrestling career and he has won championships. 

We can certainly testify to a determined glint in his eye!