New laws are impacting on foreigners in Fethiye and other areas of Turkey who want to sell their cars or motorbikes.

Last week, Fethiye businessman and Rotary Club Chairman Hakan Yetiş decided to buy a motor scooter from a foreigner.

The process as anyone who has done this will know, involves a trip to the tax office to ensure that there are no debts outstanding followed by a visit to a notary who will complete the paperwork and register the transaction.

On arriving at the notary Yetiş and the vendor were told that the sale could not proceed because the foreign vendor had only a tourist visa and no residency permit or Turkish Identity number.

When asked what they proposed to do about this the foreigners (who do not wish to be named) said it was “hardly worth their while paying for a residency permit, as it would cost more than the bike was worth.”

Asked if they would comply with the new law, they said. “We will wait to see what happens but in the meantime we won’t try to sell our bike.”

The Honorary British Consulate in Fethiye made it clear that any British person facing this problem “must take advice from the relevant Turkish authority as this type of problem is not within our remit.”

Fethiye’s 3rd Notary, Aydin Tekgöz confirmed that, “The change in the law from May 1st will mean that any foreigner in Fethiye now wishing to buy or sell any motorised vehicle will need to have both an identity number and residency but the change in the law will also impact on Turkish citizens. One positive note is that a trip to the police is now no longer required.” At least this will save on shoe leather.

As many aspects of bureaucracy in Turkey can prove difficult for foreigners and Turks alike and many would recommend employing a specialist (or Takıpcı) for this kind of work. For a reasonable fee they will do all the work and save their customers a great deal of bother.

In order to obtain a TC identity number the foreigner faces the lengthy process of acquiring a residency permit but for those who already have them a visit to this website will quickly resolve the problem.

Jane Tuna Akatay


  1. Hi,
    We own a Turkish registered scooter bought some years ago when we had resident permit. Due to change in residency permit law we no longer have a permit & visit Turkey on a tourist visa.

    What is the status with our scooter ?
    Can we still use it. We pay the tax & insurance.
    Could we sell the scooter ?

    RG. Mugler

    Any help please would be appreciated.

    • Hi Anon. As long as you have valid insurance, tax and an up to date vehicle visa you should be covered on the road traffic side of things, for example if you are stopped I ran a scooter for years using only a Toruist visa as my residency visa had expired. The scooter is no more though now and has been de-registered and that’s a story for another day.