There’s no more waiting around in long queues or getting up at the crack of dawn to secure your vehicle visa test with the online appointment system.

When the new vehicle visa test station near Fethiye opened a few years ago the system worked on a first come first served system.

That led to long queues, long waits and some drivers even being turned away.

Well now those days are over with the introduction of a new online appointment system.

Those in the know can now book an appointment to suit and just turn up and get tested with waiting time kept to a minimum.

The online booking system can be found here.

It’s all in Turkish so you’ll need to brush up on your Turkish skills or get a Turkish speaker to help.

Our contributer used the system recently and reported back:

“Using my basic Turkish and with my vehicle documents to hand I was able to book my visa test using the on-line system. I booked on the Saturday evening and had plenty of choice for the next week when my visa would expire.

I booked a 10am slot and was told to turn up by 9:50am to complete the payment and checks.

When I arrived at the testing station there was already a large queue but at 9:50 I was called while the normal queue looked on no doubt wondering why I was called before them.

It took 5 minutes for the guy to complete his checks and book me on the system.

Then after another short wait I was called by the tester.

All in all I was at the testing station for less than three quarters of an hour. Amazing!”

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