Essential information if you are buying or selling a motor.

Buying and Selling a Car

If you buy new your dealer will register the car for you and provide all of the relevant documentation.

If you buy second hand you must involve one of the notary offices otherwise you will not be able to legally own the vehicle. Check that the Traffic Form is up to date with the stamps otherwise you will become liable for any outstanding tax or fines that may exist for the vehicle. If you buy from a dealer they should complete the formalities for you. However, if it is a private sale you will need to do the following:

The buyer must go to the Maliye (Tax Office) and get a document properly stamped that shows all outstanding tax and fines have been paid for the vehicle. A fee is payable for this.

Next both buyer and seller must go to the Notaries office. You will need to pay a translator as well as the notary for this process. They will calculate the tax payable for the car based on a scale of charges – this is not the same as the sum you may pay for the car! They will issue you with another stamped form.

Next you will need to purchase the obligatory traffic insurance. Ask for detailed directions from the translator in the notaries office. However, in general terms it is located along the street behind the PTT.

Once you have the insurance you will need to go to the Traffic Police offices located on the main road to Antalya out of Fethiye in Karacula. You will supply them with all of your paper work. They will ask you to come back later that day to collect your new documentation.

Depending on your needs you may also want to buy additional insurance.