All the forms and stamps you need to keep on the right side of the law.

Documentation (Rusat)

Registration Form

This document shows all the key details of your vehicle such as make, model, engine capacity fuel type and seating capacity.








Traffic Form

{mosimage}This document is the annual tax document and the payment of the tax is recorded on the back. If you buy a car second hand and the form isn’t stamped you may find that there are other costs outstanding on the car such as speeding or parking fines.

Tax is payable to the Maliye twice a year in January and June. The tax is based on a scale of charges by vehicle type/make/capacity that are set in January each year.

You must have the annual vehicle check for roadworthiness completed before this form can be stamped.

The roadworthiness check is an interesting experience. We turned up at the Karayollari near Tansas on the sea front where the checks are carried out and presented our papers. The inspector checked the chassis and engine number of the vehicle, signed the old form and moved on to the next car. No MOT test here!

Emissions Test

{mosimage}This form shows that you have had the annual emissions test carried out for your vehicle.

The test is compulsory for all private cars over 3 years old. Test centres are located in Antalya and Mugla but a mobile unit visits Fethiye and the surrounding larger settlements (e.g. Hisaronu) once a year to save people having to drive so far. In 2005 the tests ran from February to the second week of March. However, these are very popular and it can take a whole day to reach the top of the queue – so be sure to set plenty of time aside and take lots to read with you for that 9 hour wait.

The fee in 2005 was 14 YTL plus and ‘optional’ 1 YTL for the local football team Fethiye Spor. We are not aware of what to do in the event of your vehicle failing the test but if you know……..

Insurance (Sigorta)

You need, at least, to buy 3rd party insurance for your vehicle. There are many insurance agents around town so shop around for the best prices. Again the cost is low – for example 3rd party insurance for a scooter costs around 30YTL – less than a tenner.

Get An Agent to do the Hard Work

If you don’t fancy doing the tripping around to get your tax and annual check done there’s an easier way. Employ a ‘Traffic Takip’ – chaser in English – to do the hard work for you. They know the processes inside out and will do the work in a fraction of the time it would take you. They don’t charge very much for the job – around 10 YTL for a traffic form renewal and tax payment. There are many Takip offices around town – look for the sign on their window.


Always keep your documentation and driving licence with you when you drive. There is a 75 YTL fine if you cannot produce your documents and your vehicle may be impounded until you do produce them.