Fethiye Times reader thanks us for publishing information about the vehicle visa requirements and shares his story when he realises his is well overdue.

I have been reading the story on Fethiye Times this week of the lady trying to renew her car visa and this triggered a thought that I owned a motorcycle that was just over 12 months old and I had never heard of this visa requirement, I double checked my paperwork as I had just renewed the insurance and paid the tax, but no one had mentioned this visa and mine definitely expired December 2006!


Fortunately for me I have a very good friend who works in our local tax office and so I went to show him my paperwork. He agreed that it had expired and checked the computer to find out how much I would need to pay. His colleague then checked some files and was just about to calculate a charge for unpaid tax and a fine from last year when I remembered I had a receipt in my wallet for the tax I had paid initially. He checked it but I still owed them 55 YTL.


I was then told that the guys who do the vehicle visa’s only visited Dalaman every 2 weeks but that I was in luck as they would be here in the next few days. I received a phone call a few days later to say where and when to go.



My only problem then was that as I hadn’t used the motorcycle since November and, being a cheap scooter, the battery had gone flat and it wouldn’t start.  1 hour later, and after my wife had towed me for 2km, it burst into life and I then went to the control area. The men there were very helpful and, after he stood and looked my bike up and down and checked the chassis number, he signed the papers and pointed me towards the office where they stamped the papers and indicated that everything was finished.


Phew !!,The only question I have is that why cant the authorities produce a leaflet to explain these things as no one here in Dalaman amongst our English friends had any idea about these things? So, thanks Fethiye Times for your valuable information.


PT – Dalaman