The exhaust test is an annual event and so we set off to try and find a testing station for our trusty old car.

Faithful readers will recall January last year when the village wing of Fethiye Times set out to renew the visa and exhaust emissions test on an ageing gas-fired Kartal.  Well the visa only has to be done every two years but the exhaust test is an annual event.  So, on Friday 15th February, I set out to acquire a new test certificate.

I had already noticed that the testing station I used last year had closed down, so the first task was to locate a new testing station.  Last year there was only the one, attached to the Citroen dealers near the bus station, for the whole of Fethiye but things have now changed – don’t they always?
Consulting my wonderful mechanic in the sanayii produced three possible testing locations:  the Nissan dealer in Patlangic, the Renault dealership (wherever that may be), or a third testing station in the depths of the sanayii itself.  As the Nissan dealership was familiar, being opposite the Ziraat Odasi where Gardening Club met a couple of weeks ago, Fethiye Times headed in that direction.

I was tested and issued with a new certificate in a matter of minutes, and all for 19YTL.  It would seem spreading the workload has definitely reduced queues.  When I arrived there was a car being tested and, as soon as he was done, it was my turn.  So why not do your own testing instead of paying a Turk to do it for you.  Just look for the ‘egzoz emisyon’ sign and you can’t go wrong.  Well, actually, things always can wrong around here but, if they do, write and tell us about it.