A new vehicle visa (MOT) system was introduced on 1 January and, as rumoured, it’s much tougher than the old ‘test’.

A new vehicle visa (MOT) system was introduced on 1 January and, as rumoured, it‘s much tougher than the old ‘test’.

A few weeks ago on ‘Fethiye Times News Snippets’ we reported that vehicle owners, on hearing that a new car MOT was to be introduced in the New Year, flooded to the then testing station on the Uzumlu Road.

Traffic queued back 3km at one point as drivers clamoured to sneak in under the wire before the new test was introduced.

The old test was a joke in every sense and was so open to abuse that almost any vehicle could ‘pass’ given the right ‘circumstances’.

Well all that has now changed and the new test is professional and more stringent.

Computer Says ‘No’

Under the new test not only are vehicles tested to European standards but also all vehicle paper work including tax, insurance, owner details and registration documents are cross checked using a state of the art satellite linked central computer database (check out the British Telecom dish on the roof of the building).

Any discrepancy in the paper work such as unpaid fines, outstanding tax, missing documents or out of date insurance will mean the visa test cannot take place.

Likewise, many parts of the new test are computer controlled so if the computer finds that say your headlight alignment is wrong the computer will fail you not the inspector.

When we visited the test station we saw the controls to be working very effectively.

A government registered truck turned up for the test. It failed and no amount of pleading by the driver could change the verdict. “Computer says No” said the inspector. “But come back within a month with the fault rectified for a free retest”. The driver left soon after.

Integrated German Systems

{mosimage}The new station located at Esen some 15km outside Fethiye is run by a German / Turkish partnership TÜV under the Turkish Governments privatisation programme. TÜV is an internationally recognised testing and certification company.

The testing station is packed with the latest vehicle testing equipment including a rolling road for brake testing, emission testing software, headlight alignment and headlight output, pits for chassis inspection all integrated together with the latest computer systems.

Safety First

To many readers used to the old system the new testing station will come as quite a shock.

Safety signs plaster the walls, the men wear protective clothing and the public are forbidden from entering the testing station unless requested.

As the signs on the door say ‘Safety First’!

The End of an Era

The new testing regime may well see an end to some of the clapped out death traps driving around the area.

But this may take some time as many vehicles only need a new visa every two years.

Watch Out for the Fethiye Times Step by Step Guide

www.fethiyetimes.com renewed the visa on one of their vehicles yesterday and will be publishing a DIY guide to doing your own MOT shortly.

So if you own a vehicle and need to renew your MOT make sure you call back and bookmark our page.