I arrive at the Market Place around 8.30am and am 53rd in the queue for the gas test. So begins another long day…….

I arrive at the Market Place around 8.30am and am 53rd in the queue for the gas test.

The sole tester doesn’t start work until 10am.

Still he does seem to be whizzing through the queue and I’m even feeling optimistic when noon comes around and he goes to lunch.

I am now 9th in the queue but he’s gone for over an hour. 

Just before 2pm it’s my turn and I fail. 

He writes the faults on my sheet and tells me to get it fixed and come back tomorrow at 9am. 

I query the time but he assures me he’ll start testing at 9am Friday. 

Problem now is that lots of cars have failed today and all the gas system guys in the Sanayi now have queues of cars waiting for remedial work. 

So it’s back to the Gar Lokanta to drink tea while I wait my turn. 

{mosimage}By 6pm I am awash with tea and walk round to the gas system workshop to discover they haven’t even started work on my car yet and, when I throw a mini tantrum, they consult the official form and tell me it will take about 2 hours to get my system sorted. 

They finally start work at 6.30pm and I am sent to wait in the boss’ office upstairs – at least I can catch up on my e-mail using his computer.

Still they do seem to quite a bit to the gas system as I now have the gas filler pipe neatly integrated into my rear bumper rather than dangling below and  a new ‘thingy’ under the bonnet (See pictures).

Thinking back over the day I realise that the gas system tester is frightened he will lose his job, now Turkey has privatised the visa system, and hence he is effectively working to rule. 

This new Turkish MOT system is certainly making waves in many directions. 

I arrive home at 9pm after a very, long, long day.