Simple guide for a complicated process.

Simple guide for a complicated process.

1. Take your car to a reputable mechanic who knows what is required for new visa test and make sure it is up to standard.  This includes gas system of your car runs on LPG.

2.Go to Maliye and collect form that certifies there are no debts attached to your car.

3.If you run on LGP get gas system test certificate at testing station in Tuesday Market Place followed by visit to TMOBB on Kordon.

4.Go to main TÜV testing station out towards Kemer.  Get a number from security guard at gate, go inside and when your turn comes present all documents and pay testing fee.  The bite your nails and wait your turn to be tested.

Our detailed step by step guide to obtaining your vehicle visa can be found starting here.


Costs for 1991 LPG Kartal

Mechanic prior to test  400 TL

Remedial work on gas system   95 TL

Gas system cert.     25 TL

Fire extinguisher (1kg)    20 TL

TÜV Test fee    130.10 TL -includes fine of 6.20 TL as we were a day late

Total     670.10 TL