For those with time on their hands, are feeling romantic, nostalgic, adventurous, environmentally concerned or for those of you who want to avoid air travel there are alternatives to flying to Dalaman. So is it possible to get from London to Fethiye in 4 days?

We all know it’s possible to drive but what about the train and where do you even start to plan such a long train journey and find out the all important cost?

Well the answer is easy thanks The Man in Seat SixtyOne a website run by a chap named Mark Smith. His website offers one of the most comprehensive guides to rail travel we have come across. Not only does it list many train routes but also prices, timetables, travel itineries and excellent photos of the train carriages and views.

Fethiye Times decided to check the site out and find out how to make the journey from London to Fethiye, Turkey. Before you ask, we know there is no railway station in Fethiye but bear with us……

The site shows that there are five possible ‘direct’ routes to Turkey by train although one of them involves a second leg by sea. With the exception of the train/ferry option all trains leave London and arrive in Istanbul but taking very different routes.

The site recommends a route from London via Brussels, Vienna (on the real ‘Orient Express’) Budapest, Bucharest and on to Istanbul which takes 3 days. The site details the journey in great detail including a step by step journey guide of train, times, excellent photos and alternative schedules.

Further down the page are listed the leg by leg prices, how to book tickets and tips on where to find the cheapest tickets (tickets are often cheaper when bought on the continent that in the UK). Fares using an Inter-Rail ticket start from £273 for a return journey between London and Istanbul although supplements may be payable for sleeper train upgrades.

So we’ve covered the journey between London and Istanbul but how do you get to Fethiye by train. As we said earlier, the Turkish railway system doesn’t extend to Fethiye but you can get to Denizli which is reasonably near and then take the bus for the final leg. For more details on that journey take a look at this page here.

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