Cheap to run and convenient to use, the weather is more conducive to two wheeled transport.

Push Bike

If you live in the flat areas then cycling is a great way to get around. Not only is it cheap but is often quicker and more convenient than driving. However, avoid the main roads as they are the domain of the lorry and Dolmus! Once you get to know the area you will find there are plenty of alternative routes avoiding the main roads usually on relatively quiet residential roads. Even though you will see many people doing it, riding on the harbour promenade and pavements is not allowed. Check out the signs!

Motor Bike and Scooter

A quick, cheap and fun way to get around. However, always wear a crash helmet (it is the law, believe it or not!) and protective clothing. Of course the locals don’t to this but don’t be lulled. There are many accidents everyday involving motorbikes and scooters and the injuries vary from minor to serious and some even lead to death – believe me I have seen them at first hand! Note the lower speed limits for motor bikes in Turkey!

Speed Limits Km/h

Vehicle Residential Non Residential Motorway
Car 50 90 120
Pickup 50 80 90
Motor Bike 50 70 80

Another advantage is that scooters can park for free in town.  There are a number of retailers in town, prices range from 600-700 GBP upwards.