How to get to the Fethiye area by all means possible – well nearly.

Getting Here from the UK 

By Aircraft

Whether by scheduled flight or charter, flying is the quickest way of getting here. Direct flights from UK airports take around 4.5 hours.

Dalaman – Dalaman airport is the nearest airport to Fethiye and it takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour for the transfer. It is traditionally open to international flights between15 April to the end of October.   Work is progressing on improving the road, inlcuding a new tunnel which should improve both the time and safety.  Campaigners have been lobbying for flights all year round, and flights are now available this Winter 2005. See this article for more information.

Antalya – The airport in Antalya is open all year to international flights. Charter flights arrive from UK all year but are much fewer in the Winter. The airport is a 3 hour drive from Fethiye over the mountains, or much longer via the coast road which should be driven with care.

Getting from the Airport

All transfers are made by road. Options include:

  • TaxiThe most expensive option is to pick up a taxi at the airport and take that all the way to your destination. It costs around £50 one way from Dalaman and over £120 from Antalya. Some negotiation may be possible.

  • Private TransferMany vehicles run private transfers but these must be pre-booked. Most vehicles are large enough to take a large family and all their luggage. Service is door to door. Prices start from around £35 one way for a family from Dalaman or £90 one way from Antalya. Some companies make a charge per person rather than by the vehicle so if you have a family costs can add up.

  • Car HireYou can hire a car at the airport or pre-book from one of the many companies available. Prices vary depending on time of the year and the type of vehicle you want. Car hire is relatively expensive in Turkey, especially when compared to other European holiday destinations. Many of the companies will pick you up from the airport and drop you to your accommodation if you ask in advance (Dalaman only).

  • Havas – This is the official airport bus for passengers of Turkish Airlines (THY) and Turkish Cypriot Airlines – but anyone can catch it. In Fethiye it leaves from Migros’ Car Park about 3 hours before each THY flight. Check with Lama Travel (opposite hamam in Old Town) to see if there is a bus convenient for you. As the first THY to Istanbul takes off at 5am, the first Havas bus leaves Migros at 2am. Then there are flights more or less throughout the day so it is pretty good coverage. At the airport it will drop you at the Domestic Terminal and you’ll have to walk to International. At the airport the Havas bus leaves from outside the Domestic Terminal, so you have to walk there if you’ve come in from UK. The last THY flight into Dalaman lands around 10pm so there should be a Havas bus into Fethiye about 45 minutes later. Cost 15 YTL (£6) one way per person

  • Taxi / BusPublic buses do not operate from the airports. The nearest Otogar is Dalaman town a short taxi ride away where you can catch one of the regular buses to Fethiye. The same option is possible in Antalya. Ask for the Otogar and then take a bus to Fethiye – a 4 hour journey away.

    When you land at Dalaman take a taxi to ‘Dalaman Otogar’ – this is Dalaman town bus station. Make sure the driver puts the meter on and resist his sales pitch to bring you all the way to Fethiye – he will ask where you are going and try to persuade you to hire him. Journey will cost 10 – 12 YTL depending on traffic. Double that between midnight and 6am when all taxi fares double.

    At the bus station get a tea and wait for next bus to Fethiye. They come through there 24 hours a day – I have done this several times and never waited more than half an hour. There is always tea and food available at the bus station. The bus takes about 45 minutes to Fethiye bus station and the views en route are wonderful. Costs 6 – 8 YTL depending on bus company. If you are going out to the airport just reverse the journey. Buses leave Fethiye Otogar for Dalaman and beyond, 24 hours a day. You can buy your ticket in advance and, once you get out at Dalaman Otogar, there will always be a taxi to take you to the airport. Cost: 16 – 20 YTL (£6 – £8) one way

  • Friends Petrol costs around £1.10 per litre and diesel around £0.80 so you can work out the costs from there. Just be careful that your friends’ regular trips to and from the airport aren’t viewed by the authorities as working!

By Car

Driving is a slower option but does allow you to use the car/van/motor home you brought whilst you are staying here. On entry to Turkey your car will be issued with a visa valid for 180 days. Before the visa expires you must take your car out of the country and it cannot re-enter for 180 days. Also see this page about importing a car or just visiting.

Your route options are vast but boil down to 3 main routes – 2 by land land and sea, or 1 all overland.

One way is to travel down to Italy and take a ferry directly to Turkey. The main landmarks are:

  • Reims – Metz – Nancy – Strasbourg – Zurich – St Gotthard – Lugano – Milano – Bologna – Ancona and then take the ferry to Cesme in Turkey.

Check out these detailed accounts of someone who did the journey in 2004 and Summer 2005.

Or you can hop over to mainland Greece from Italy and either drive overland to Turkey or take other ferries to islands and then over to Turkey.

Overland routes can be varied as you like but generally take you on the following route:

  • Brussels – Frankfurt – Nuremburg – Graz – Zagreb – Belgrade – Sofia – Belgrade – Istanbul or you can by pass Bosnia and go north through Hungary and Romania.


  • By boat – Fethiye is a port so access by sea is very easy. Just set your GPS and follow your headings (I’m no sailor – Im sure there’s more to it than that!)  If you have sailed, why not send us your trip? email to