Fethiye Friends of Animals Association vets are extremely busy with a veterinary training program.

Fethiye Friends of Animals Association (FFAA) vets, Ugur DURAN and Nedcet UGUR are extremely busy with the veterinary training program, especially since the implementation of the Turkish Animal Protection Law came into force in May this year. The regulations state that every municipality in Turkey is now responsible for their own neutering program and they have to build temporary shelters and operating clinics. They also have to engage a vet to carry out the neutering operations. Consequently, some municipalities are employing young, newly qualified vets to do this work, but they do not have the experience in performing spay/castration operations, and this in turn has resulted in these municipalities asking FFAA for help in training their new vets. Some of the vets come to the FFAA Centre in Fethiye, for training.

FFAA have just trained a 34 year old vet, Mr. Yalcin Budak. He had been working as a vet for farm animals but is now employed by the Kutahya municipality and was given the task to undertake the N&R program in Kutahya. During his time with FFAA he proved himself to be very capable and energetic and had a good experience with our resident vet Emre and our staff.