Street dogs and cats

They are not pests as long as you don’t encourage them.

There are many stray dogs and cats all over the area. They generally live near to their regular food supplies – a bar / restaurant / bin (remember that when they lick you!). Some are adopted by people and businesses and fed. All of the animals that are ear tagged have been neutered and inoculated so they are free from disease. This service is carried out by the FHDD once a year. These animals are generally happy and friendly and want to greet you. However, you do need to use common sense around them.

Be careful and do not encourage them as they will either bark at you, follow you home or bring all their friends to come and lick you.

Be very careful around dogs that do not have an ear tag and guard dogs that are not tethered.

Ever wondered why street dogs follow you and not other people? – maybe its your perfume or deodorant. We think that the animals have learned that people who smell like this can be generous to them.

With stray cats your biggest danger is that you feed one and you will end up with a hundred whining and fighting cats outside your house 24/7!

If you do have dogs being a nuisance around your house, you could try contacting the Council to see if they can do anything about it.

If you are bitten by an animal, go to the STATE HOSPITAL in CALIS immediately.