You can help support the Calis Carnival 2009 by bringing selected food goodies from the UK this Christmas.

Are you coming out to the Fethiye area this Christmas or are you going back to the UK for Christmas?

Do you have a small space in your suitcase?

If so the ơliş Carnival Committee would love to hear from you as they are seeking people to bring a range of hard to get in Turkey goodies from the UK.

The first items are haggis for their forthcoming traditional Burns Night Supper on Saturday 24 January. The committee needs about 30 haggi for the evening.

They are also keen to receive Cadbury’s cream eggs, other luxury British chocolate as well as ex-pat goodies (see a tentative list at the end of this article) for their various fundraising events.

The Committee will refund the purchase price of any of these items providing a receipt is available.

The committee are also seeking donations for their tombola stall at the ơliş Christmas Market and Craft Fair on Sunday 7 December as well as a clothes rail and coat hangers for use at the monthly car boot stalls and items of bric-a-brac for the committee stall. They are happy to collect.

If you are able to help in any way please contact (Turkish mobile) 0535 8554919 or 0536 3739520 or e-mail 

Ex-pat Goodies Hamper Wish List

Branston Pickle
Exotic Marmalade
Oxo cubes
Crystallised Ginger
Jaffa cakes
Birds Custard powder
Bisto gravy granules
Colman’s Mustard
Real Ale
Horseradish sauce
Fray Bentos Pies
Fisherman’s Friends
Any cans of shop brand curry
Any cans of beans with sausages included
…………….and anything else you can think of except frozen or fresh items of course!