Animal Aid’s latest project is the Kitty House at the Fethiye municipality’s animal shelter in Catalarik.

The group wanted to work with the shelter so asked if they could help with the cattery and have a

place to bring kittens too young to fend for themselves.

Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

How it all started

There was a time when Pauline Trent, founder of Animal Aid, had so many kittens brought to her

that at one point her house had over 30 cats and kittens as well as several foster dogs.

It was becoming impossible to quarantine the kittens by keeping them separate.

Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

Sue Cato and her husband Mike offered to take on the monumental task of converting the existing

building into a suitable kitten house.

Working for Fethiye’s felines

The Shelter itself started life as a neutering centre and was never intended to cope with the high

volume of animals it houses today.

They thought the existing cattery was not the best environment for housing the cats.

The building was neither weather proof nor warm in the winter and the facilities were extremely basic.

As a result, when Emre, the resident vet, agreed to Animal Aid taking over the buildings, they were delighted.

Sue and Mike initially put counters into one of the rooms to hold several cages.

Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

Protected from disease

The idea was to have a quarantine area to prevent infection spreading as this is the primary reason why

young kittens die, especially in the winter.

Disease such a feline distemper spreads very quickly and a kitten under six months of age

has very little chance of survival once infected.

Fethiye's felines

Cold, wet weather doesn’t help

Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

The start of the year brought a very cold spell and the main priority was to get heat into the rooms.

The rooms were covered from the elements and a soba was installed into one of the rooms.

It was extremely difficult to keep the rooms warm, but the heat from the soba no doubt saved a

few lives in that week.

Raising funds is imperative

Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

Gill Sanderson from Animal Aid raised money for the shelter over New Year by taking part in

the 3C’s splash and raised over 1,000TL for the kitty house.

The money she raised was used to separate some of the rooms, making them more suitable.

Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

Now there are several colour coded rooms where the new arrivals can be assessed and quarantined,

a day room and a sleeping room.

There’s still so much to do

The project has been extremely challenging but very worthwhile.

There are still many issues that need to be overcome, but to see the cats in a better,

cleaner and warmer environment makes it all worthwhile.

Sue Cato and her team of volunteers have worked so hard in a short space of time and

the Kitty House is really starting to take shape.

Fethiye’s cats and kittens need you!

 Animal Aid Fethiye Kİtty House

If anyone reading this would like to volunteer at the Kitty House, please see our contact details below.

There are two shifts per day, morning and afternoon and the duties include cleaning the cages,

cleaning and moping the floors, feeding the cats and kittens and monitoring them and well as

dispensing lots of cuddles.

There are many other ways to help

Animal Aid needs wood to keep the soba lit, newspaper and thick cardboard for the cages,

bedding materials such as thin fleece, blankets and towels.

They also need people to sew bedding cushions too.

Any cat toys, scratching posts, food bowls will be most welcome.

Animal Aid is grateful to the Pet Shop Fethiye for sponsoring the Kitty House and supplying some cat litter.

Animal Care Üzümlü has also provided two 15 kilo bags of food, which is much appreciated.

Please support, visit and sponsor

If you would like to home a cat or kitten, please visit the Kitten House at the shelter.

The volunteers know the cats and kittens and can help find the perfect cat for you.

Donations can be made at the Animal Aid shop in Gunlukbasi, Selim Gunday Caddesi

(please mark it for the Kitty House) or by contacting Facebook: Animal Aid Fethiye,

e mail: or Paypal