Fethiye charity, Animal Aid, comes to the rescue of many street animals, helping them to recover from illness and injury, by raising money to pay for their treatment.

Once these animals are on the mend they need to find permanent homes for them.

Forever home…

Animal Aid want to give them the chance of a happy, secure loving place to grow and continue their convalescence and recovery.

..or foster care

If you are unable to offer one of these dear animals a forever home, but can offer short or long-term foster care, they would still like to hear from you.
Animal Aid provide all expenses and support, they just need you to give them some TLC.

Please help us!

Meet Ballu

Ballu - gentle nature
Ballu – gentle nature

This poor boy was found in the middle of the Üzümlü road recently with severe wounds to the back of his neck. He was taken to the rescue centre for treatment where he needed an operation on his neck. He is currently in a temporary foster home but isn’t able to stay there for long. He is a lovely natured dog, about 5 years old and is very friendly and affectionate. He gets on very well with the other dogs at his foster home and also the cats, chickens, sheep etc that are there. He is a great big softie and just wants love. His foster mum says that he ignores other dogs when he’s out walking, even if they are barking. He is now starting to show his character as he recovers and is proving to be a real gentle giant. Ballu is a big boy, and although has a Kangol head is a mix breed and very laid back, in fact his foster mum who had foster many, many foster dogs for Animal Aid says he is the best foster dog she has ever taken in. Ballu is fully inoculated and neutered.

Meet Cherry

Cherry – part setter, quiet

Cherry was found wandering the streets of Fethiye with a deformed leg from an old accident. The lower leg was twisted so the foot was facing the other way up. When she walked she used her knee as a pivotal point and the foot was scratching the front leg. Unfortunately her leg had to be removed and she is currently in the vet while she recovers and awaits a forever home. It is very difficult for Cherry to be in the hustle and bustle of the vet as she craves a bit of peace and quiet to recover. She’s very quiet at the moment, but no doubt with some TLC and plenty of love and cuddles, her personality will shine through. If someone has some room to offer her a foster home, even for a short time until we find her Forever Home it will benefit Cherry so much. Cherry is quite small and looks like she may be part setter. She is about 2 ½ to 3 years old.

Here’s Little Daisy

Little Daisy
Daisy may be tiny but she has a big character

One of our volunteers saw Daisy at the shelter. She was curled up, alone, on wet stones: just lying there. She had been dropped over the gates of the shelter when it was closed. Riddled with worms, she wasn’t doing very well at all. Our volunteer just couldn’t leave her there so took her home to look after her. With the right medication and some good food and TLC, Daisy is so much better and healthier. She is still small but now becoming a cheeky little thing.
With several dogs of her own, she won’t be able to stay forever at her foster home so we need a forever home for this gorgeous puppy so she can grow up being loved and cared for properly.

Here’s Lucy

Lucy is active but well-behaved
Lucy is a waiting for you!
Lucy is a waiting for you!

Lucy was found with a seriously damaged front leg that had crystallised as the injury was old and hadn’t been treated at the time.
This made walking very difficult for her and the only option was to remove it.
Lucy is only a slightly built girl but she has a very big heart.
She had her leg amputated on the 28th September and within just a couple of weeks ago was running around like she still had all four of her legs.
She is a very active little dog, very loving and really enjoys being around people.
She’s great with cats and loves children so would make an ideal family pet.
Her foster mummy has taught her lots of commands in such a short time as Lucy learns easily and is very obedient.  She loves going for walks and is good on a lead.

And here’s Yoda and her puppies

Yoda's great mum
Yoda’s great mum and has wonderful ears

We don’t know a great deal about Yoda except she is a great Mum.
She came to Animal Aid’s notice when she was taken to the vet with her puppies.
Named Yoda because of her ears she is a small short legged dog and really very sweet.
Yoda is happiest when she is having a cuddle: just so pleased to receive a little bit of attention.
She’s probably had several litters and Animal Aid will neuter her before she is homed.
She came with six puppies but three have already found homes, so the remaining three are still looking to be homed.

Three of Yoda's pups are looking for homes too
Three of Yoda’s pups are looking for homes too

For anyone looking for a small dog, these are ideal.

Kitty house

Animal Aid are also in the process of setting up a kitty house that will be in one of the cattery buildings at the Çatalarık Shelter.
This means they can home kittens that come into their care and give them all the extra attention before they are strong enough and old enough to fend for themselves.
A group of dedicated volunteers are needed to help man the kitty shelter and assist with looking after them.

Other ways to help

There will be two shifts of two hours in the morning and another two hours in the afternoon.
It will involve feeding, cleaning and generally lots of cuddles, with each visit being about two hours long.
Animal Aid are currently compiling a list of helpers and hope to open the kitty house in the next few weeks.

How to get in touch and volunteer

If you are interested in adopting, fostering or volunteering in the kitty house, helping with the charity’s neutering programme,
or wish to help any other way, please contact Animal Aid via their email address: animalaidfethiye@hotmail.com
or by sending a private message to Anna Malaid on Facebook or through the Animal Aid Facebook page.



  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Cherry, Yoda and her puppies on a recent visit to Turkey.
    What lovely dogs they all are and hopefully they will all find loving homes soon.
    I’d like to compliment Animal Aid on the amazing work they do. I’ve been a volunteer in the rescue world in the UK since 2008 and I can’t stress enough how much relentless, heartbreaking work the volunteers at AA get through. They put up with criticism and being let down as well as getting some wonderful support so please do anything you can to support the good they do. They need not just financial support, but a little of your spare time would really do some good – the core volunteers do so, so much themselves. The animals would be so very much worse off without these wonderful people. They have my utmost respect.
    And good luck Yoda in particular – I really fell for her, what a sweet girl.