It was both a battle of the elements and a battle of the brains recently when quiz teams from across the Fethiye area braved torrential rain and thunderstorms to attend the annual Super Quiz for the 3C’s Challenge Cup.

Eleven teams from across the area packed into the Sevi Classic hotel in Çalış to take part in the marathon eight round quiz presented by quizmaster and 3C’s Chairman, Peter Clark.

The quiz also included two taxing table top rounds to really test the grey matter.

Swallows dip out

With four times Champions “Swallows” of Hisarönü and Ölüdeniz   not defending their title this year, competition was fierce to lift the cup.

Last year's victors, The Swallows, dip out
Last year’s victors, The Swallows, dip out

Krackers and Scrambled Eggheads top the menu

Throughout the night Fethiye team Kosem Krackers led the way with several teams snapping closely at their heels but when the table top rounds were finally added to the scores, Scrambled Eggheads took the lead by a narrow two points.

The Scrambled Eggs team cracked the quiz
The Scrambled Eggheads cracked the quiz

Generous donations

During the evening a raffle was held to raise money for the 3C’s charity and the winner of the first prize generously donated it back to be auctioned swelling the total raised for the charity to 475TL.

Peter Clark thanked everyone for taking part and then presented Butch of the Sevi Classic with a certificate of thanks for hosting the event.

The final results

Out of a possible total of 151 came:

Scrambled Eggheads       112

Kosem Krackers              110

Melek Mob                       105

Kismet                               103

Buster                                   95

Renegades                           90

Meri Men and Women       89

Me, Thee and He                 85

Seasiders                            84

The Last Resort                 71

Bimbos                               65

Have fun at the Friday Fun Quiz

If you are looking for something different to do on a Friday afternoon, then why not take part in the free Friday Fun quizzes?

Organised by Çalış Children’s Charity, the 3C’s, they take place at the Eyna Bistro Bar on Calış seafront every Friday at 2.30 pm.

The light hearted quizzes consist of a general knowledge round, a table top picture round and a music round and there are prizes for the winners.

Everyone is welcome to join in and entry is free.

However the 3C’s donation bucket will be available, should anyone have any loose change they wish to get rid of!