“Rod Stewart” Returns To Fundraise For Children

For the second time in a fortnight, “Rod Stewart” performed at a Çalış bar to raise money for Turkish children.

British holidaymaker Stuart McDonald, who performs a lookalike and soundalike tribute act to the great Scottish crooner, again wowwed the crowds at Cinar Bar on Çalış seafront and had them dancing in the aisles to Rod’s well known hit singles.

His rendition of the anthem “Sailing” complete with hundreds of waving sparklers was legendary, reaping raptuous applause.

Stuart was performing to raise money for local Çalış based Children’s Charity, the 3C’s. The charity who organised a raffle and passed around their collecting bucket raised a total of 1100 TL.

At a previous evening he helped raise 1400 TL.

All of this money will go help fund projects for disadvantaged children in the Fethiye area.

The 3C’s would like to thank Stuart and bar owner Lee as well as everyone who donated on the night, for supporting their charity.

Friday Fun Quiz

The free Friday Fun quizzes, ran by Çalış Children’s Charity, the 3C’s, which take place at the Eyna Restaurant on Calış seafront on Friday afternoons at 2.30 pm have now stopped for the Summer break – but the good news is that they will recommence again in September.

The 3C’s would like to thank everyone who has supported the quizzes since last September.

July Issue Of 3c’s Newsletter Hits the Streets

Local children’s charity the 3C’s have just published the second issue of their quarterly newsletter, aptly named “All at C”.

The colourful July issue of the newsletter gives an insight into the activities of the charity over the last three months with sections entitled “C what’s been happening”, “C into the future”, “C where the money goes” and “C what we have”.

It also gives a running total of the amount that the charity has raised during the 2014 fundraising year.

If you would like to read the newsletter please visit the 3C’s website and follow the link “About the 3C’s” and “Newsletters”.

You can then either read the newsletter on line or download it.

Also, if you wish to receive future issues of the newsletter by email please send a blank email to this link.

Whilst online, why not take time to have a look around the charity’s website.

The 3C’s welcomes feedback both on the newsletter and the website