Youngsters in the small village school at Kayadibi near Saklikent, Fethiye can now enjoy their lessons in a shady outside shelter and their playtime on their newly refurbished playground equipment thanks to a local children’s charity.

The headmaster of the small school located close to the entrance of Saklikent gorge, applied to Çalış based charity, the 3C’s, earlier this year for help in refurbishing their dilapidated playground equipment which the 115 children at the school were barely able to use.

The school also wished for a covered shelter in the playground where the younger children could take shade from the sun.

After visiting the school to assess the situation the charity asked their playground contractor to inspect the equipment to see what could be done and then agreed to refurbish the 6 swings and 2 slides and to purchase two new see saws.


They also agreed to provide a new covered seating area.

Last week members of the charity revisited the school to find that the large covered area was not only being used as a shelter but for outside lessons, each teacher taking it it turns for their class.

The children were also very happy to show off their newly refurbished playground and also to introduce the 3C’s members to the school dog and cockerel.

The children at Kayadibi also have a further treat in store as the charity has agreed to pay for the hire of three buses to transport them all down to Fethiye for the Children’s Day celebrations being held on the new square on Wednesday 23 April.

Many of these children have never been to Fethiye or seen the sea so it should be a memorable day for them.

The 3C’s would like to thank all their supporters who have helped make this project possible.