Susan and Mike Cato write about an amazing dog called Patch who they cared for and was supported by local animal charites Animal Aid and Animal Antics.

Patch was approx 18 months to 2 years old when we rescued her from the Dog Shelter in Didim. She had been having terrible problems with her ears and the vets at the local shelter were not able to give her the treatment she required. Patch also had a large Haematoma which is a solid swelling of clotted blood on one of her ears. This clearly needed operating on immediately.

The vet at the shelter did attempt the operation but it was not successful and she was suffering badly. A lovely lady from Didim took Patch to a private vet to have the ear re-operated on and corrected.

Sadly things were not looking good for Patch, her future was very grim. There was the threat of her being stolen for dog fighting because of her breed and the likelihood she would never be re homed.

We knew we could not let Patch return to the shelter and leave her with such uncertainty. How could we leave such a beautiful happy dog that just loved life as much as she did.

The very first time we met Patch was just amazing, she was beautiful. Patch had the biggest smile we had ever seen on a dogs face. From that day onward she always remained happy.

Our darling Patch was originally going to be re homed in Kas. This sadly fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. Mike and I have lots of people to thank that helped to look after Patch along the way.

Firstly, she was fostered by a kind family in Koca Calis for 4 months. Then Arlene Emerson from Mad About Mutts took care of her for a couple of months. Patch didn’t mind being in a kennel she was getting lots of attention and was loving life!!

After nearly a year of trying to find a foster/permanent home here in Turkey it was decided to try and find a home in the UK.

A member of Team Patch contacted a rescue centre in Scotland who agreed to take her and find a permanent home. Following this in December 2013 we took Patch out of the kennels and had her fully vaccinated and all the necessary blood tests and paper work were completed.

Two months later we found her the perfect foster home in Koycegiz which was a paradise home for Patch. Her foster parents Penny and Phil Smith are two lovely kind hearted people who live in a beautiful place which is surrounded by a 6 foot high fence. Patch should have been totally safe.

We started fund raising to pay for Patch’s journey to Scotland. We attended several car boot sales, table top sales, and received plentiful donations from some lovely people. We also received support from Animal Antics and Animal Aid.

Also with the help from Brenda Singleton we organised a fund raiser on St Patrick’s night. This should have been a big celebration where we were hoping to announce the total required and the sum raised. Sadly we were unable to do this.

Patch had two very special play mates Sabine and Pasha who she loved to play with. It was just perfect, but on the morning of the 10th March 2014 Patch unfortunately died. It would appear somebody threw some poisoned meat into the garden which was later detected at Patch’s autopsy. Our darling Patch died in the most horrific way…….. We ask ourselves why?

We had so much help from many kind people with big hearts. Patch even had her own Facebook page – Plight of Patch. It was run by a team of lovely people that did everything they could to help send Patch to a new life in Scotland. She was going to a life of safety, kindness and happiness which was just sadly snatched away.

Patch touched many people’s hearts and will never be forgotten.

By Sue and Mike Cato

Helping Hands

Two local animal charities Animal Aid and Animal Antics enabled Sue and Mike to raise additional funds by providing them with opportunities at fund raising events.

On 17th March, 7 days after Patch’s death the St Patrick night fund raiser still went ahead.

The money raised was distributed to both the local animal charities. The residual income from the entire fund is currently being held in a bank to allow Sue and Mike to create a legacy to Patch. This money will be put towards re homing a dog in the UK.

Animal Aid and Animal Antics are very grateful for the money received.

This will go a long way in helping the street animals in our areas.