During the winter months, the 3C’s received applications from the two schools in Kumluova village, one of the furthermost points in the old Fethiye district.

The headmasters from both the Lower Middle school and the senior Lisesi School said that the children were cold and asked if the charity could assist in purchasing air con units for the classrooms.

The money to build both school buildings, which are located in an extensive tomato growing area close to Patara Beach, was kindly provided for the village by a wealthy Istanbul professor, Dr. Ayhan Önder, and the schools are named after their benefactor.

However his generosity did not extend to furnishing and fitting out of the schools which was down to the council and the villagers themselves.

Most of the students who attend the two schools are the children of poor migrant workers employed in the greenhouses. The children of the greenhouse owners mainly attend schools in Fethiye.

On visiting the schools, the 3C’s agreed to purchase three air conditioning units for each school, these to be located in the coldest classrooms. These were quickly purchased and installed so that the children were nice and warm.

Kumlova school pupils
Kumlova school pupils

Recently members of the 3C’s made a return visit to both schools where they were warmly welcomed by the staff and were presented with plaques of thanks and also a gift of tomatoes.

At the middle school the children were very excited to meet the 3C’s and had been practicing questions in English to ask the group. One young girl, although very nervous, also gave a well practiced speech of thanks in English on behalf of her fellow students.

The 3C’s would like to thank all their supporters who help to make these projects possible.