Visitors to the ruins of Fethiye castle and Amintas tomb may think that the small school located half way up the hill opposite the strangely situated sarcophagus in the centre of the road is a normal primary school. In fact it is a special school for severely disabled youngsters.

Fifty children, aged 6 to 16 from all across the Fethiye area, some with Downs syndrome, autism, profound deafness, muteness and other serious disabilities attend the school where the very special, enthusiastic, caring and dedicated team of 21 teachers help the children to cope with their disabilities and teach the youngsters basic life skills so that hopefully they can have some degree of independence in the future.

The school recently applied to the 3C’s for assistance as they desperately needed special rehabilitation equipment for their exercise room where the children exercised to improve their co-ordination and strengthen their muscles. Apart from a few small balls, they had very little else.

They also wanted two automatic toilets to make toileting the children easier and easy lever basin taps which the children could operate themselves.

Wish List Met

The Çalış based children’s charity asked the headmaster to provide them with the school’s “wish list” and to prioritise the items and said that they would see what they could do.

The full list of items totaled over 5,000 TL but the 3C’s felt that this was such a really worthwhile project that they decided to purchase everything on their list, much to the delight of the staff.

Items included Step and Twist machines, pilates balls, body weights of varying sizes, dumb bells, mini steppers, hoops and a soft ball pit. They also provided and paid for the installation of the toilets and new lever taps for all their sinks.

3C’s members recently returned to the school to meet the children and to watch them using their new exercise equipment. They then had a tour of the classrooms. The youngsters were really happy and smiling, proudly showing off their artwork, much of which adorned the walls, and the school had a lovely warm atmosphere.

[quote by=”3C’s Chair , Peter Clark”]It was a very uplifting experience and we were so glad that we had been able to help. Although the headmaster presented us with a plaque to show their thanks, it is the staff at the school who should be thanked as they are very special people.[/quote]

Although the 3C’s would love to show you pictures of these children, understandably they are unable to do so.

However the little boy on the Step and Twist machine below was more than happy to demonstrate the new apparatus to the group and this photograph was taken with the permission of the headmaster.

3c Akinci stepper
3c Akinci stepper

Instead we will show you the hardware purchased!