[quote by=”Animal Aid Murder Mystery”]Miss Scarlett with the Dagger in the Ballroom[/quote]

Carol King brought a touch of London’s West End to the Sevi Classic Hotel, Calis, Fethiye on 4th April 2014.

On this sunny day there was a murder which more than seventy budding detectives tried to solve.

Presented in the style of Oscar Wilde, with a splash of Benny Hill and Morcombe and Wise, this farce had us all guessing.

The plot had more turns than a pirouetting ballerina trying to get in the Guinness Book of Records. Between both the laughter of the audience and the cast the story gradually unfolded.

Without the aid of DNA sampling or modern forensic science techniques the novice detectives had to dig deep and drink plenty of Efes to solve this ‘who done it.’

Animal aid murder mystery event April 2014
Animal aid murder mystery event April 2014

There have never been so many red herrings in one plot. These would mislead and distract the most experienced detective.

However Miss Marble did unravel it for us to the delight of the few who worked it out. The plot cannot be revealed as it may be performed again in the future.

On a serious note Animal Aid are very thankful to Carol King and her Crew for a great afternoon of frivolity and merriment. They have donated all the money to Animal Aid to help all the street animals in our area.

The Murder Mystery was followed by an auction and the whole day raised over 2,600 TL for Animal Aid. A superb result.

Carol King really put a great effort to get this event off the ground. The highlight for the auction was that Carol wrote to Fenerbache Football Club and managed to get a signed shirt.

The day was a great success and thanks must also go to Butch at the Sevi Classic Hotel for providing the venue and the food at well below cost.

The whole event could not have been a success without a wonderful audience and we thank you all for your support.


Ken – Dr Jack Daniels

Sue – Miss Marbles

Stuart – Rocky Hudson

Cyd – Major Payne

Frankie – Madam Cynthia Payne

Lorraine – Secretary

Julie – Nargile Lawson

Pauline – Bella

[info]Animal Aid is a charity run by British expats living in and around the Turkish town of Fethiye, Turkey and is regulated by FETAV.[/info]