A new tool developed by YellAli allows foreigners living in Turkey to obtain an instant and free Turkish health insurance quotation in English on-line.


The recent change in the Turkish law has meant that it is mandatory that foreigners from specific countries must have valid health insurance when applying for a Turkish residence permit.

This applies to British passport holders and other nations too.

Foreign residents, and in particular British residents, have been concerned about these changes and have been asking for access to trusted products in their own language.

Now, thanks to a collaboration between YellAli and the Turkish Groupama Sigorta, not only can a quote with all policy details in English be obtained but they also have access to a specially designed ‘FIT’ policy.

Groupama has recently established a specific health insurance policy called “FIT” (Foreigners in Turkey). The product is available in English across Turkey.

The insurance calculator tool aims to make the whole process easy.

Groupama Sigorta and YellAli have joined forces to provide this really helpful tool
Groupama Sigorta and YellAli have joined forces to provide this really helpful tool

Once the first step is completed you then have the option to submit your online quotation to Groupama Sigorta, where their English speaking staff are ready to send you a proposal document which includes full information about your insurance policy and what it covers. Giving you the opportunity to view all documentation before making a decision to purchase the policy with Groupama Sigorta.

Also, when you purchase the policy online, you also have the option to pay over a period of *9 months.

YellAli spokesman, said: “This is a new concept for health insurance in Turkey and the platform which has been set up as a direct connection between foreigners and a trusted English speaking Health Insurance company is proving to be a huge success. Our members have been crying out for assistance in this area and now they will be able to access a professional organisation like Groupama Sigorta and its medical insurance network with a specifically designed product; FIT to give them piece of mind and support.”

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If you would like a quote for health insurance in Turkey then try out the tool.

It can be found on the YellAli website at this link – Instant Online Health Insurance Quotation Calculator