If you own property, live in or around Fethiye for all or part of the year then these regular updates of Fethiye Council news will be of interest to you.

Council Tax Due

The system for making payment of property council tax has now been revised following the local elections and boundary changes.

Payments can now be made at either your local council area office or at the main Belediye office in Fethiye.

Water Bills

Despite some people claiming they have been able to pay water bills at certain places, the Council have no knowledge of this and have stated that even up to last Wednesday when the Governor of Mugla came to town for a meeting, it still remained unresolved.

Calis Roads

The drainage and road reinstatement project and the road improvement project around Calis are split between two agencies. Drainage is managed by the DSI agency and the roads by Mugla Buyuksehir Belediye.

It seems the DSI has now exhausted its budget for this project with many of the Calis and other canal side roads remaining unmade after recent work.

Following the meeting with Mugla Governor last week, the problem remains unresolved and has now been escalated to Ankara.

Of course, while this situation remains, residents can’t understand why certain roads (like around the Sunday market area) continue to be improved yet the road behind the beach hotels remains unmade. He has promised further updates when he has more information.


  1. How to report what was a good road seriouly damaged by building wagons .hard to believe so much damage done for one building .besides the noise and dust created always believed that come may new buildings ceased.

  2. Thank you so much for you ex- pats section it helps us keep up to date with what is going on in Fethiye.
    Is there any chance if you have news on the residency’s you could also keep us up to date… Thank you again for your interesting writing

  3. Why can’t people with residency renew online same as the tourist or is this too easy after all we contribute all the year round and get only the sun for nothing and that’s free anyway.