Mobile food boat serves hungry sailors off Turkish Coast. Now there’s a tasty story for you hungry sailors.

If you have ever taken a day boat trip you will no doubt have encountered the ice cream sales man in his little motor boat, touting for business out on the water.

Indeed, a friend of mine was once asked to buy an ice cream whilst she was swimming!

If you have taken any longer trips by boat, involving overnight stays in deserted bays, you will know that the bread man always turns up in his boat in the morning, so you can have fresh bread for breakfast.

But Fethiye Times recently overnighted on a yacht anchored off Gemiler Island and were surprised by a visit from a floating pancake seller.

Actually it was a couple from Kayaköy: Balıkcı Mustafa and his wife.

He rows the boat (although it does have an engine as well) and when a customer is found he keeps an eye on the pancake cooking on the gas-fired griddle, while she makes up the next one.

They approached us early evening when no-one wanted a pancake, but we did say we would love fresh pancakes for breakfast the next morning.

Sure enough they were back early the next day and the pancakes were delicious, and only 5TL each, which we thought was a good price given they were prepared fresh at sea.

So if you take a day boat trip from Ölüdeniz this summer, keep your eyes peeled for the floating pancake makers.