For readers who are keen cooks a seminal moment has arrived……..

You can now buy fresh ginger in the Fish Market in Fethiye and it’s also been spotted in supermarkets. And for 5YTL for around 250gm it isn’t expensive either. If you go through from the fish market side into the fruit and vegetable stalls, you’ll see a stall on the right with a chill cabinet in front. Your ginger’s in the cabinet, along with an array of exotic fruit and fresh asparagus in season. The stall holder is Safak (say it ‘Shafak) so get on down there and stock up on the vital ingredient for so much Indian and Far Eastern cookery.

Take care, it’s quite easy to confuse fresh ginger with jerusalem artichokes, so if the bags looks positively stuffed with ‘ginger’ it’s probably not.

You can also by dried ginger root in various places.